The Cott's Care Story

Grace was brought up by her grandmother, after she lost her parents at age four. Sadly, her grandmother also died when she was a teenager. Grace loved her grandmother so much and has always lived her life everyday appreciating all she did; instilling good values.

Grace saw her grandmother as a strong woman who was loved by a lot of people in the community. She learnt also from her, about compassion, to care, to share, to patience and most of all to love.

Grace's grandmother always taught her to treat others with respect, love, empathy and care. regardless of age; race and gender.

Grace learnt a lot about valuing others and working hard in whatever she does without stepping on people’s toes, being able

to appreciate what you have and never compare or laugh at other people’s misfortunes. 


Therefore, regardless of  whether it is: children, the elderly, people with complex needs, or the establishments, the qualities that have enriched Grace's life since she was a little girl, she now adopts them in her practices in work.


Grace has experience in caring for children and adults with mental health and physical health needs. She also has vast amount of experience in child minding and nannying around Europe. In the UK Grace has worked for variety of settings such as psychiatric hospitals, mental health establishments, secure units,  residential and nursing homes as well as the community.  


Charity and voluntary work was motivational for Grace to expand her career.  


Grace has acquired a Foundation degree in Health and Social Care Practice and in addition gained a degree in Community Health Management from the University of Gloucestershire. Grace is also currently undertaking a CMI Level 5.


With all the experience  Grace has gained from a young age, work experience and education, Cott's Care has a philosophy to provide care that is not only competent, but always puts dignity, respect and confidence at the core of service users.