Joint Replacement Care

Knee and hip joint replacements are major operations and take time to heal. After surgery you will most likely feel tired and weak and will need some help with everyday living tasks. We can provide you with a bespoke home care service, so you can get the extra care and support you need to recover well. Good post-operative home care can restore your health and mobility more quickly.

Support to stay well

Our fully trained home care staff can provide you with a range of high quality services that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This might include:

  • Someone to stay with you for the first few weeks after surgery.

  • Washing the parts that are hard to reach so you can avoid bending and stretching.

  • Helping you get dressed in the morning and ready for bed at night.

  • Light activities to get you mobile again.

  • Cooking, shopping and housework.

  • Accompanying you to out-patient appointments to have your wound checked or stitches removed.

  • Assistance with your medicines so you are free of discomfort and the risk of infection.

  • Liaising with care professionals to make sure you have the right aids and equipment in your home.

You can find reliable up to date information about recovering from a knee or hip replacement on the NHS website. Contact us  to discuss a knee or hip joint replacement care and support service for you.