Live in Home Care

We can provide you with an alternative to a residential or nursing home. Having carers that live with you, in your home, providing round-the-clock support. Allowing you to stay in your own home, follow your own routines, keep your garden and pets, keep up with your friends and neighbours and live your life just as you want – for a cost equivalent to, or lower than, many residential homes.

Live-in care can work out cheaper than most good care homes

The weekly cost of live-in care is in the region of £900 to £1,300. The savings are greatly increased when a couple both need care. They can share one live-in carer, rather than paying two care home fees. It is also substantially cheaper than having three carers working in eight-hour shifts.

Maintaining your independence

Recent research suggests that those receiving live-in care are less likely to fall, and far less likely to have a hip fracture than people in residential and nursing homes. But it's not just physical health. Our research shows that people with live-in care are happier. 

How do I pay for care?

e know that care is expensive, whether a few hours a day from a reputable local agency or a full-time carer from us. A live-in  carer from us will generally cost between £900 to £1,300 a week, depending on the management model. We make no charge for registration or for visiting you to assess your needs and wishes. After our visit, or after a detailed telephone call with you, we can give you a much closer estimate of costs, which vary depending on the level of care needed. As care needs increase, so will the cost.

You may qualify for some help from the state but many people have too much free capital (over £23,000), or too much income (over £250 per week), or do not have “substantial” care needs. Therefore a lot of people have to pay their care costs without local authority financial help. If you think that you do qualify for local authority help, it is important to contact them as soon as possible.

If one spouse is more dependent than the other, it might pay that the dependent spouse pay for the majority of domestic and care costs – if there is the possibility of becoming eligible for local authority help.

Contact us to discuss how we can create a bespoke service to meet your needs.