Paying For Home Care

Knowing how much to pay

Every two weeks we will send you an invoice. This is a request for payment for the care and support you have received.  We can send your invoice by post or email. Let us know which you would prefer by contacting a member of the team. 

When will payment be due?

We normally request payment one week following the date of invoice.


Set up a direct debit

If you choose to pay by direct debit we will take a specified amount from your nominated account following the issue of your invoice.

Direct debits offer more flexibility than standing orders.You can choose to pay a regular amount as you would with a standing order. Alternatively, you can choose to pay different amounts each month to pay for the actual cost of your care and support for that period.

Make a payment by debit or credit card over the phone

We are able to take payment from major debit and credit cards over the telephone. 

We do not store any card details. This means that you will need to telephone the office each time you receive an invoice and give details of your payment card and the invoice you wish to make payment on.

Transfer the payment electronically

You can pay our invoice by electronic transfer/internet banking. Please contact your us for further information.  


Send us a cheque

You can pay our invoice by cheque. Please contact your local office to confirm who to make the cheque payable to.  

For help with funding, please see our Help with Funding page